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Tabletop Greeke Goddess

An amazing table top made of two Bog Oak lumber, with live edges show the whole beauty of this incredible wood.

This bog oak was extracted from polish river with an approximate age of 3500- 4500 years. No legs attached.


This tabletop is made from two Bog Oak lumbers, with rugged edges that show the whole natural beauty of this incredible wood. The lumbers were extracted from polish river and they approximate age is 3500-4500 years. Legs are no attached.


Lenght: 3,20 m

Width: 1m

Thickness: 7 cm

Tabletop Greeke Goddess

18 000,00€Price

If you like our product, but you want to change some parts of it, write to us and we will make special version of it just for you. We are able to create anything from our Bog Oak, wherefore we encourage you to look at „Products on request” where you can find some of our projects or if you have your own idea just contact us!

Every newly created product will be faintly different from the one on picturest therfor every piece of wood is special.

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