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Every day, we receive inquiries from various corners of the world: how do you know that this particular piece is 2117 years old and it comes from the times of Julius Caesar? Or other questions. Are you sure that this piece is from the times of Archimedes? And that top is from 560 BC and is a witness to the life of Buddha? Or many people who disbelieve that it is possible for us to be in possession of a piece of wood from the turn of eras, from the times when Jesus Christ lived on Earth.

The identity of our wood is examined by professors at universities. Each submitted piece is tested with the use of the method of radiocarbon dating or dendrochronology, specifying the age of wood with the accuracy of 50 or even 1 year.

Yes, this is the most interesting plot of our adventure with black oak and bog wood. Coming to contact with the past, with dumb witnesses to the events from thousands years ago. The oldest piece from our collection which was examined for us came from the times when pyramids were built. Sometimes we wonder what the client who ordered a table made of this piece must feel like. An incredible book of history in your home. 

Look at the illustration of the time line, we can take a trip in time, top go back thousands of years, until we reach bog oak.  

History Bog Oak
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