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We are a company excavating bog oak, we supervise the whole process, from excavation, through sawing, drying, storing, highly specialized processing of the material to the creation of the final product.

Our offer is addressed to all architects, designers, luxurious gadget producers, jewellery makers, furniture and interior design articles manufacturers. There are no limits to creating unusual products from this unique material. 

While in the past the bog oak was reserved only for royal families, now it is used to set trends among the most demanding group of luxury goods consumers all over the world.

T. Riverwood was established in 2012 by the originator of the idea and founder of the company, Tomasz Czarnowski. 

He decided to show the world what opportunities are opened up by bog oak.

He spent thousands of hours day and night on searching for information about the properties of this highly rare and valuable wood, buried under water for thousands of years. Discussions, quarrels and fights with his closest relatives and friends who initially did not understand his passion.

The first furniture prototypes were created in a small carpenter’s shop, on old machines still used by our grandfathers.

Nowadays, ribbons and butterflies embedded in the tops usually constitute decorative elements, but we work on the basis of old processes, used many years ago, when they were methods of joining and keeping together cracked wood. Since the very beginning, we have put a lot of emphasis on the smallest details, each piece of furniture has been made by hand with the greatest care. Sometimes we need hundreds of hours before the design is fully elaborated and the created piece of work may be handed over to the client.

 It quickly turned out that the products made of bog oak started to be recognized all over the world, both among designers and individual clients.

Each design is prepared at an individual order. Material made of bog oak is a unique piece of art produced by nature.  There are no two identical pieces of bog oak, and therefore each product the bog oak is used to produce must be different. Products made of bog oak are unique, small batches are produced, which are most original and supervised by artists for a narrow group of clients. 

 We are accompanied by ecology and positive energy on a daily basis. We take care of the environment by not cutting down modern species, and the great energy accumulated in each, even the smallest piece of bog oak gives us strength and encourages us to popularize bog oak all over the world.

The philosophy of our company is to go against the grain, contrary to the common, well-established patterns. We do not want to follow the existing trends. We create our own fashion, we co-operate with the best for the most demanding ones, transforming wood into art.

Today, after 7 years, in a few selected places in the world, our clients may see special lines of floors, walls, furniture, interior design articles and jewellery made of bog oak, with the logo of T. Riverwood.

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