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    Bog Oak by its characteristics is incomparable to the growing tree species. It has unique, colour and structure diversity. During its processing, the wooden rings are highlighted, using only a sandpaper with the relevant grit size. The surface can resemble a mirror. It can be polished to such a high gloss. Cracks, knots, gouges. By other called defects, by visionaries and art experts and artistic ones appreciated – as a unique material for creating unrepeatable pieces of art. There is no any other limits that exist to make the most original and unrepeatable projects from this material. It is depending on visionaries' and creators’ imagination and creativity what project can be made to amuse the environment and clients.

    Our company realises individual projects of architects and interior designers. We have qualified carpenters, who has experience with working with bog oak and they are able to realize the most unrealistic projects. For architects and interior designers, we direct a special cooperation offer. All interested, who desire to know the details, we are asking to contact: or complete the contact form.

We appreciate you contacting us. One of our colleagues will get back to you shortly. Have a great day!

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