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Below you can see our products on request. But, what is the most important, we can create whatever you wish from our wood. You just need to contact us and tell what you have in mind and our workers will do everything in their power to make your wish real!


phone: +48 883 306 195

Or just click one of the button below!

Backgammon Table

This table was created with love for this classic game. Live edge character suits perfectly the ancient aura of Backgammon.

Resin No.8

Resin and Bog Oak fits perfectly with each other. Here we have example of two Bog Oak slabs dipped in the highest quality resin.

Coffe Table

Bog Oak is not only perfect for classical interiors, it also goes perfectly with modern style. That is why we combine our live edge slabs with steel to create perfect, modern furniture.

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