Jesus Christ Medallion Melo

A beautiful pendant of a handcrafted Bog Oak form the year of Jesus Christ life


In a shape of a full moon. This amazing old wooden medallion will be a memorable gift, as each one is handcrafted and different. This makes each piece “the one and only like this”. 


Each pieces of jewelry will be with a different characteristic pattern which makes your piece absolutely UNIQUE.


We enclose a certificate confirming the age of this Bog Oak piece. 


Each log has exceptional and unique colors as well as wooden rings created by nature, during a long term process the wood was covered by river mud and stayed there mineralized by metal salt under natural conditions with no access to oxygen and light for thousands of years. As a resultof several thousands years aging under the water, the oak obtains unique physical properties: color, firmness, longevity and porosity. 

Dimensions: ~6,0cm x 1,1cm

An elegant leather strap is attached to each pendant, length: 50 cm


!!! Please keep in mind that due to our NO WAIST POLICY we do not have items on stock. All products offered will be manufactured only after order placement specially for you.


# Engraving; this Pendant can be engraved with personal initials, date or symbols. Prices depend on the engraving starting from 10€ (on the wooden side).

Jesus Christ Medallion Melo

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