Bog Oak Table 6500

A wonderful handmade dining table out of different aged Bog Oak, perfect furniture for modern or antique interiors. 


The table is made of 40 various aged bog oak pieces. Pieces of bog Oak were hand chiselled with Japanese chisels of the highest quality. Uneven wooden tips of various lengths and thicknesses are glued to the top of a bog oak countertop. The top is attached to the metal frame on which it stands.


The whole is covered with a glass top, which gives it a unique style. This table is very interesting due to the age of this Bog Oak - 6500 years. 


We have a certificate from the Jagiellonian University for his age. This is the oldest piece of Bog Oak that we have so far. It comes from the period of the Neolithic revolution - a period of transition of human aggregates from a migratory lifestyle associated with gathering, hunting and fishing to a sedentary one, in which agriculture and farming became the source of livelihood.


It has powerful energy that will quickly deprive us of a runny nose or malaise. It is more a carving table than an ordinary dining room table. It makes a huge impression precisely because it was made without any compromise. For people who value art and nature.


Diemnsions: 247cm x 89cm  x 71cm

Bog Oak Table 6500

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